FaZe Clan vs. Kerplunk - Challenge

Birt 4 jan 2020
If you drop the least amount of balls, you win $10,000..
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  • “that was aggressive” “what was really aggressive” Tenser: “yeah that’s what I do😏”

  • Stretch clan is better

  • Bro i miss the old faze u guys are dying quick af

    • they arent dying the money is just changing them

  • Cizzorz

  • Omg I’m back in on it faze

  • I killed me World Cup 😂

  • Tender

  • Where’s apex

  • How come you never hand them the money

  • U should do a video with ur teams like raindow and overwatch

  • Good vid and I love faze clan

  • Quick big question though: why does the faze clan think editing out half the video out, create whack not thoroughly thought tournaments and think it's cool? Seriously a definite DiYW! like you could make videos that are edited half decent 15-17 minutes long at minimum if you really put some thought about and into how tournaments and games work. That alone is basic ISchats I thought and I'm not even one, I changed just one brain storm idea of yours and that's a small detail, imagine doing $5000 worth games and only getting to see the opening credits, some cuts, the winner and ending creds... imagine the amount of content skipped over, the reactions, the funny moments and unbelievable outcomes and it is only 7 minutes and 38 seconds long

  • Blaze still thinks he owns faze

  • faze is of the chain lit fam u guys are awesome faze for ever F.A.Z.E !

  • don't hate dude

  • Where is Jarvis

  • Cringe

  • Faze clan more like btec sidemen

  • Well I lost 2 of my balls dropped😕

  • Who ever thought gwit would win like this

  • Is your off white pants real? They say “cargo pant”

  • Stop saying it’s for 10k pls everyone and their mom and their moms mom knows it’s not

  • Apex changed a bit

  • They should’ve named it for this video fazeplunck

  • Nock off sideman

  • Can u plz do the sidemen vs FaZe crossbar challenge (soccer/football)

  • Is it just me or is the sweeds luck to good

  • Blaze is so annoying

  • Gwidt

  • Remove blaze as a host


  • 8

  • You guys should recruit gorb he is really good and if u recruit him shout me out

  • There is rug rug is the best and all of the faze clan we love u all

  • Gwidt

  • Can u guys pls do a faze clan zone wars

  • Can Faze just drop a montage cod or fortnite

  • I hate blaze. He annoying as fuck off the addy

  • Can I join faze please

  • Cizzors is so fucking insane

  • Cizzorz - I’m insane Nope

  • Has blaze replaced apex? Lol

  • can I join faze pls

  • I think the videos should be a little longer, maybe add some footage of some Banter

  • This clan is dead as fuuuuk

  • Is this just faze in there spare time lol

  • Is faze ewok still in the clan



  • wheres rug

  • im the best szn 8 player

  • Go sub to me so I can prove everyone wrong that doubts me on a daily

  • “I thought I was insane” -Cizzorz 2020

  • Running out of vid ideas😂

  • Mr. Cizz always smiling and nodding his head, what a good guy.

  • Where’s faze nudah

  • does anyone else wonder where the money comes from?

  • who else has known faze for more than 5 years 👇 (like if you have)

  • My favorite faze name and member teeqo

  • Just saying FaZe apex is there he’s just so short you can’t see him also he’s on blazeakins team

    • I am just kidding he’s on cizzers team

  • Gwidt

  • we want cod

  • Do uno challange Like so they can see this

  • Who the fuck are these guys

  • Anybody else watching on an iPad 2 with iOS 8 😂

  • Whenever I feel like shit, I watch the fazeclan. You guys really make my day, thank you.

  • Gwidt is a nerd

  • I want one MW illcams at least pleasee

  • All of them look so depressed

  • Today is faze blaze 5 year aniverserie in faze congrats faze blaze

  • Cizzorz small brain

  • Tenser at 3:30 looks high when he looked at blaze

  • There always has to be that one annoying ugly cringey dude in a group that is sometimes referred to as the GRENADE and in this group it is obviously ciz......faze blaze

  • maybe if i get good at this game iiii cannnn joinnnm fazzzzeeeeee

  • Wtf is going on

  • Bro i love all of you i live in bulgaria ny dream is to see one of you mostly frazier jarvis apex adapt blaze and tommy plz see that i love you and dont forget to FaZe Up

  • Adapt

  • So cool

  • *clicks video* *doesnt see kay and jarvis Me: ight imma head out

  • Unknownarmy1x should be faze clan

  • Cizzorz still alive? WHAT?

  • ur videos r good but if rain and apex were in them they would of hilarious

  • This isn't Faze...

  • I didn t see Jarvis lol

  • FaZe clan Check out my montage @sh0ttzy

  • ofc no balls fall down when you pull the sticks that isnt event in contact with the ball

  • Teeqo IS THE BEST (so is Rug)

  • Since when is tenser in faze, his the biggest dumbass

  • Kerplunk is a new game my ass. Played this 10+ years ago lol

  • If you're planning on getting merch try code spaghetti trust

  • It's all fun and games until WW3 happens and big youtubers have to get drafted :(. That would be HUGEEE.

  • Ww3 is happening Like if u don’t want it to happen👇🏽

  • It’s lit

  • FaZe clan I’m talking to you

  • You might wanna check out my montage @sh0ttzy

  • Who doesn’t love Swedish big brains like Teeqo🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Gg mun

  • this is just a bigger version of "knikkers" but 10 times wors

  • Do a freefire challenge next

  • White haut Kay and jarvis 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😤