Birt 7 sep 2019
Offset visits the FaZe House to learn the FaZe way...
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  • Your bosdid

  • you guys should do this blindfolded so whatever is in the box doesn't come out and be seen. And it would be much scarier

  • Alex talks like Steve o a bit

  • The whole crew up in here

  • Great ... now faze got black guys joining. Why ?

  • I really wish tenser would have went

  • This is so fire🔥🔥🔥

  • yessir

  • Shit

  • Brodi

  • I was screaming when the snakes was striking😭😭😭

  • The experience in the house was my experience watching avengers endgame for the first time

  • 3:38

  • Sich


  • Where tf was faze jev

  • More of these vudeos

  • Mad shit

  • 3:38 Apex casually bieng left hanging by offset

  • 5:32 wut tf is that ? 🤔

  • if u go to 3.38 u can se apex try ing to give a high 5 to off set

  • Really

  • What's the next clue?

  • Yo I just found this for the scavenger but I’m looking for next clue

  • im lost whats next

  • What the next clue??

    • 2 ppl already got it, have u found the clues?

  • Anyone here for the scavenger?

  • 3:36 apex wanted to handshake so bad!!!

  • Hi

  • Ain t no man here . 0 courage

  • 1 year later first time seeing November 4 2020

  • When the special Ed kids have a pet show 💀

  • Sub to me plz I want to hit 100

  • Offset your not in the Cheetos commercial no more

  • Can I have the Faze Necklace

  • XD

  • Next time use blindfolds!!! Dope video

  • They should of put a divorce paper in offset box 🤣

  • When offset does faze up it just feels right

  • I ain’t ever seen so many phones with there flash on I the broad daylight

  • Awwww it's a hedgehog I love them so much

  • if u get bit = views lol - Adapt

  • Me encantaria estar en FaZe clan... FaZeZeuspipii

  • Imagine being these animals. be taken from home to participate in a meaningless challenge made by a Millionaire Fortnite group. I'm not hating I'm just thinking

  • The first and last time offset was there

  • Should have put a Pic of trump or a Pic of the police in the box. That would scare offset real good

  • Offset bought his spot in faze he is bad in every game but money can buy you everything even a faze membership

  • Y’all outro is fire 🔥

  • Offset the only black around these white Fox but he seems cool tho they Fckin up with that snake tho

  • Poor hedgehog 😢

  • And I’m sitting on toilet while watching this. Better stand up ASAP

  • He look like kd

  • 😂imagine FAZE offset

  • Is there any black ppl in faze ?

  • Losers

  • 😂😂

  • Faze clan is trash

  • Subscribe to my warzone channel


  • I was hoping for THE EMPTY BOX joke

  • Sub to the yt doing a giveaway for a 50$ psn

  • Yo the first guy was BRAVE

  • only rug looks like a kid

  • They should've put I warning at the start saying warning: WTVER U DO DONT WHERE HEADPHONES.unless u want to bleed internally

  • Fk faze clan why is jarvis in faze kick him out hes band that's why hes crack dumbys

  • That one snake def a huntsman fan!

  • 1sr black faze member abt time

  • Yo that’s my boy rug

  • 🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖😎😎🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖❤️❤️🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🧅🧅🧅😍😍🧅🧅❤️❤️🧅🧅😎💕😔🐕😊😙😊💕😏😆💕😎😔🎮😆💕😎🎮☺️😆🎮💕👌☺️🥰

  • Je ne l'aurais pas fait 🤣🤣 c une dinguerie ca

  • Yo why is offset so short in this 😭😅

  • where is rug? i mean faze rug i cant see faze rug in the thumbnail but he was there lol XD

  • Stg these yt commercials are getting worse and worse

  • yooo i jumped at my desk watching this lmaooo

  • 3:38 Look at Apex's hand😂

  • Who see apex tryna dap offset up after he went😂😂

  • Beast faze offset

  • ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

  • why is he in faze

  • 10:13 who else moved their hand 🤣

  • Hahaha! Love your videos! My siblings and I just did this challenge!

  • Adapt: "Am so excited to do this for you guys". Oh meeehn. Swipper no swipping.This snake jumps. That creeps me out.

  • Yo i might be late but don’t get distracted by the fact that Offset and Apex got the same Seize

  • Did I se Faze rugs camera man. Noah

  • Noah??? 5:21

  • That snake can kill?

  • Alex is a bad ass for going again with the snake

  • God literally the good ole faze boys have no idea how to make entertaining content anymore y’all just do what’s popular, what’s the fun in that

  • Can I join faze clan

  • I'm not hating on FaZe but I just dont like the way they handle the creatures,like the way they put their hand in and take it out really fast,and that scares the creatures

  • Offset really hyped 😂

  • everybody and their grandmas were screaming when it was faze adapts turn lmao

  • 3:38😂😂. Rip Apex

  • Why don’t the animals juss walk out the big ass square hole in the open part of the box?😂

  • They always put only snakes man they gotta switch it up like the thumbnails have wolfs and stuff

  • Faze rug my favvvv no doubt❤️

  • Yall so loud stop fkn screaming

  • Faze rug short I thought he was a kid

  • Yo

  • Thet should've bringed faze rug brother (Brandon).