Revealing The New $30,000,000 FaZe House

Birt 16 mar 2020
Revealing Our New $30,000,000 FaZe House
FaZe Kay
FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Teeqo
FaZe Cizzorz
FaZe Rain
FaZe Banks
FaZe Adapt
FaZe Temperrr
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  • Let us know what videos you guys want to see in the new FaZe house 👇👇 2020 😤

    • Challenges

    • 2021

    • Do you guys like coronavirus I freaking dumb because I want to kill us you don’t have to we

    • YeP

    • I’m wondering if There’s a way I can join faze I think I’m pretty cracked on switch for fortnite

  • Jarvis playing fortnite omg he freaked out when banks came in

  • Hehehe ye boI

  • faze ortaga 2021

  • Hello Mr Owner Of FaZe Can I Join This Beautiful Clan?😂

  • Where is sway

  • Faze house is so cool

  • Bruh is that alexa with teeqo

  • see ya later homie

  • These LA houses ruined faze

  • Ho much Coke in tese house ahahah

  • Can I join faze

    • 😂

    • join team liquid

  • I see that SD Gull hat

  • Its Really been 10 monthes dam it feels like you guys got the house in september 2020

  • Wiwi GONE

  • This is how many times banks said vibe 👇

  • We all know that the true faze house was in New York

  • I just realized the faze clan is partnered with nissan, idk if i should subscribe

    • Wait why

  • Faze I’m real good at Fortnite and other games can I please join faze

  • FaZe Up For Every Bro

  • Can I join faze clan

    • u think its that easy bruh lmao

    • Mak Sims are you being serious

  • Flze clam mat and bad😁😁😁

  • naruto song at the ending hell ya

  • Bunch of suburban kids with loving family's too bring em up. Action g hard lmaoo bro I thought they made content for children I didnt know they were children

  • This video is THE exemple of superficiality.

  • wtf, just breaking computer monitors out here, no matter how rich i get ill never do that

  • Samuel Garcia $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Can i yyyjjjjyjyjyjoin faze

  • .

  • 2:14 Mama! Me-Lmfaooooo

  • Faze is absolute cancer now Only good faze member is faze agony and faze jev

  • Can I join the clan lol

  • Why the comments so recent lol

    • I am wondering that too

  • Yo Jarvis stop smashing computers

  • This is cringe AF, almost looking like some gangsta clip xd

  • Looks like the new epstein crib

  • I would love to join face face though

  • Yo faze clan I really hope you guys notice me I really wanna be in the con and I’m crack at fortnite

    • Ya na fierce u seem like a toxic shit

    • U not cracked at shit


  • do i only see FaZe Kay new girlfriend?!

  • I don’t get if Jarvis is 5’8 and faze banks is 5’7 why is Jarvis WAY shorter than banks

  • adapt is soo lit in the last scene lol

  • Come on let absorber join it is really his dream to be in please for him

  • looks so nice

  • Yo didnt Baylen Levine stay here

  • Can I and my friend join FaZe

  • They really be out here living all of our dreams

  • Plz😥😥

  • Hi faze house I love your video so I want to join faze

    • Dude I know that you want to be part of faze, but you gotta be good at gaming. Remember what faze is at their core, a family of the BEST gamers in the world, so you gotta bring something special to the table

    • @FaZe GALIXY and its *right*

    • @FaZe GALIXY ok

    • But it’s my dream

    • Yea you write

  • who is watching this from faze rugs desciption

  • this isnt even faze anymore

    • @Treetribe915 used to be a sniping/tricks shotting clan on call of duty an they lived in a house together in 2014 an ever since they moved out they just changed from their roots

    • @Treetribe915 Call Of Duty bro, spinning around got them this rich

    • Who are they and why are they rich? This video was recommended to me btw

  • شكلي السعودي الوحيد هناا 😭🤙🏻.

    • montassar wazaa لا عادي جداَ مافيه شي صعب الواحد يتعلم 👏🏻🤍🤍.

    • انا عم اتخيل فايروس كيف راح يتأقلم معاهم 😅😂😂

  • Who else realized alexa (Frazier's crush) in the gym with teeqo

  • went from FaZe house to clout house to FaZe house

  • Jarvis Got me dying rn XD

    • XD hahahaha so funny man

    • hahaha so funny im dying rn call 911 bro please you’re so funny

  • 7:53 I'm glad you guys know what they're truly after hahahaha

  • Everyone with girls in the FaZe house Tommy: surrounded by the cats Me:😂

  • yup FaZe house/Clan had take over 2020. 2021 now

  • crazy

  • Is it only me or did anyone else notice that alexa is one of the girls in the gym

  • 6:14 i’ve heard that voiceee beforeee 😂😂😂

  • That gym must be fun

  • الله الله ب ولدنا امسكوه زين

    • راح فيها

    • ههه‍ههههههههههههههههههههه

  • God house mi bro

  • All these kids are losers.

  • Nice house sike really really really love the house

  • I unsubbed because you didn’t do FazeAbsorber he deserved it more than anyone

    • fOrTnItE

    • Absorber didn't deserve shit all he does is voice troll I'm glad he didn't join

    • yea man flea is trash

    • @Asher Haas ok salty af

    • Only thing he maked is voice trolling

  • Faze is such trash nowadays

    • @z Venq ur so dd fham faze mongraal? And all the other pro players?

    • @Abdul Munem like u do

    • @BigBoi B Agree

    • @z Venq facts

    • @BigBoi B you are one of those lil kids that dont even know that Faze was a sniperteam and not just a bunch of Vlogin pieces of trash

  • 3:10 For a second, I thought it was an elevator because of how it looks when you actually go to an elevator

  • Is it me or Alexa there😳

    • 6:07

    • 5:33

    • Yah I just saw that in other video that alexa was with teeqo so I am back to conform it lol

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    • @Indira Morley you dog

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    • Your life is sad rsk

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    • @Tuhjaa no cap

    • @Minty fax

    • @Tron Legend alie like wtf is this for just stop, like no one gives a shit they wont check out ur channel

    • Can u stop spamming

    • @R Ş K stfu

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    • stfu

  • Haha kinda sounds like banks said the n word at 7:31

  • Jarvis was playing minecraft

  • I think Jarvis is fakeing

  • Why u guys measn to teawap

  • PROZE IN YOUR TEAM PLEASE !!!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • @فايروس

  • She said are you rich rich 6:22

  • Teeqo chillin

  • That house was so fat bro *omg*

  • I just rewatched this and realized that Alexa Frazier girlfriend is in with teeqo in the gym

    • @Infiltrxte x that's good 😂

    • She got a taste of Teeqo first😭

    • Yh same she linked up with teeqo

  • jarvis still kill me with this scene

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • Is it me or is that one of the naruto ending themes?????

  • Wow the escalated quick jarvis what wtf

  • Can some please tell me how much daps banks did

  • 24434alreadyfinished

  • Do You Notice That Alexa Is In The FaZe House 5:52. 7 Months Before She Hooked Up With FaZe Kay

  • Teeqo funny af

  • Hey faze there is my friend milos he so sweat he can beat Ninja can you trayout?

    • Like this all that Faze can see this

    • @Gus Does Stuff Thanks man

    • you gotta try to comment on more recent videos bro and try to be as early as possible

  • She say u rich rich 6:22

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii looooool

  • No jarvis is playing he needs to be unbanned so many people have used aimbor and have bot got banned but he did that's just f**ing messed ip

  • why is alexa there 6:13 bro she was at the faze house before frazier met her

    • yo i just realied that too rn and went to the comments section to see if anyone else had lmao

  • not going to lie faze banks and adapt are beasts

  • Where is faze testy?